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Hey, I’m Jay. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach and I love living in the 757. I am a music connoisseur and love listening to everything from classical to hardcore. I can play over a dozen instruments and have been playing shows for over 10 years. I also write and record music. Some of my favorite hobbies are biking, beaching, and going out for food and drinks. I could probably eat sushi every day for the rest of my life. I love being on 96X and getting to talk about passion. Music and Arts is what I live for.

Q&A w/ Jay

Birth date: 2/5/99

Hometown: Virginia Beach

Favorite Song Of All Time: Bob Marley – Redemption Song

Favorite Song Right Now: Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So

Favorite Band Right Now: Bleachers

Favorite Band Of All Time: The Garden

Favorite Album: Led Zeppelin

If I Could Only Listen To 10 Songs For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: 

  • Tyler The Creator – 911
  • Jawbreaker – Fireman
  • Beastie Boys – Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
  • Puma Blue – Bruise Cruise
  • Bass Drum of Death – I Wanna Be Forgotten
  • Rex Orange Country – Sunflower
  • The Garden – Call The Dogs Out
  • Wavves – That’s On Me
  • Ocean Wisdom – Walkin’
  • Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So

Hobbies: Producing music, learning history, biking and going out

Hidden Talent: Playing over 10 instruments

Favorite Sports Team: Miami Heat

Favorite Superhero: Captain Hero

Favorite Cartoon: Rick and Morty

My Role Model Is: Martin Luther King Jr.

Favorite Concert: Descendants at The NorVa

Favorite TV Show: Better Call Saul

My Happy Place Is: Beach or outside in general

Favorite Word: Sketchy

My Best Halloween Costume was: Sound Cloud Rapper Vampire Zombie Tattoo Artist

The Place I Really Want To Visit: Rome

If I Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of My Life It Would Be: Nachos or Sushi

If I Hit The Lottery I Would: Buy more lottery tickets

I Can’t Get Enough Of: Oxygen

I Went Into Radio Because: I love music

If I Could Invite 3 People, Dead Or Alive, To A Dinner Party It Would Be: Ceaser, Homer (author), and Galileo