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Nick Chappell

Weekdays: 6am-10am


Weekdays: 10am-2pm
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Weekdays: 2pm-6pm


Weekdays: 6p-10p | Saturday: 3p-8p | Sunday: 5p-10p

Tyler Casey

Saturday: 10a-3p | Sunday: 10a-5p


The 4:20

Weekdays at 4:20pm

Every weekday, we play a song that 96X has never played before. Give us a call at 767-622-9696 let us know what your feedback is for the song.

Hangover Brunch

Sunday: 9am-noon

Ease into Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and The Hangover Brunch. One of the most popular shows on 96X, The Hangover Brunch plays acoustic versions of your favorite tunes and some you won’t hear anywhere else! This ain’t your Momma’s easy listening.