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5th Annual Crush N’ Run

5th Annual Crush N’ Run

DateNovember 7, 2021


VenueChix On The Beach

Location701 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

21_Crush N Run Map_Update-01.png


You will continue to run until you reach the giant, inflatable Orange Crush that is set up on 30th Street in the sand. At that point, you can start angling up through the soft sand and up the stairs to the boardwalk at 30th.

You will then run South down the boardwalk, refueling at our water station at 27th and continuing until you cross the finish line at 9th Street. You just CRUSHED 3.1 MILES!

Once you walk through the finishers’ shoot, you will exit at 8th, the perfect street for you to head across Atlantic to the The Shack and grab your free crush you earned to start the official after-party!