Concert Review

The Fray with Jack’s Mannequin

Even though I am a fan of The Fray, I had never seen them perform live before. I’ve seen their opener Jacks Mannequin a few times now, and they are never a let down. I got to my seat just in time to them take the stage. Jack’s lead singer Andrew McMahon is a guy who had a hard battle with cancer, and to see him doing what he does on stage, and sing about his battles truly sends chills down your spine, and makes you appreciate life just a little bit more. The sun was still shining, and people were still arriving to their seats, so I don’t think everyone was truly as into him as they would have been if it was an hour later. He didn’t mind though, he jumped up in the air about as high as Kobe right on top of his piano and really showed everyone how an opening band is suppose to get you ready for the headliner.

I said earlier that I am a fan of The Fray, but more so now then before the show. These guys are stars. From the first key on the piano being hit, until the lead singer Ian called everyone who opened for them to come out and take a bow, this was a energetic, fun performance. One of those shows where you don’t feel insecure about singing as loud as possible, because everyone around you is doing the same. Even though one time I clearly sounded like I hit puberty at the age of 25, people noticed…they laughed. If you aren’t a fan, and you ever have a chance to go to a show it’ll be worth it, especially if you are trying to score some points with someone special.

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Posted by sinclair on 06/20 at 06:55 AM