Album Review

311 Uplifter

So I was told to write a album review for the new 96X website and James Steele asked me if I had listened to any new CD’s that had come out lately so I could write one. And I thought instantly “of course daddy! The new 311!” Thus I will write a quick review for the 9th major label studio album they have put out titled “Uplifter.” Now many of you probably know by now that I am one of the biggest 311 fans you will ever now. I have seen them countless times live, have all of their CD’s and DVD’s and have a whole wall of autographed and framed things from the band from the times I have met them. So with that being said you might think this review will be slanted and totally biased. Well you might be right daddy because I love this new album! But I will say when I first heard they were hitting the studio awhile back to record this album with Bob Rock who has worked with Metallica, Motley Cru and Skid Row, I got a little nervous. I thought he was going to totally change up the 311 sound and pretty much make it suck.

So when I went to the store to buy it the Tuesday it came out I really didn’t know what to expect other than the single (Hey You) was a pretty good song. So I popped it in my CD player when I got it and was not that into it the first few tracks to be honest. I though ok this is just kinda ok but nothing that is blowing me away. But then when I got to the fourth track titled “Golden Sunlight” I really started getting into it! It was just a really great classic 311 sounding song. Then when I got to the fifth track called “Indian Ink” I was pretty much sold on the new record. I just stopped at that track and listened to it probably five times in a row! It was just that freaking good. And then from then on the rest of the CD just kept getting better and better. All my fears of Bob Rock destroying this album were out of my head and I just enjoyed a great 311 album. I could sit here and review every song but I don’t have the time or space to do it in one review so just check out “Daisy Cutter”, “Never Ending Summer”, “Jack Pot”, and “Two Drops in the Ocean” along with the others I mentioned. So if you are looking for a really solid summer sounding record go out and pick up Uplifter because it could really be a soundtrack for any great summer movie!

Posted by sinclair on 06/25 at 01:37 PM